Friday, February 12, 2016

A Meaningful Birth-Day :-)

Birth Day … I remember, since a long time Birthday was a very usual day for me , for me it was just like any other day & there was nothing special about it. Though lovely people around me always make it a very special event for me by showering their love & blessings.

On Second thought, I believe that Birthdays can be a very special day of our lives . They can be a very special reminder for all of us to introspect on the real purpose of our birth on this planet. We usually are not aware/ or forget the real purpose of getting the human body & get stuck in mundane. At times, Birthdays further intensifies this cloud of ignorance & we are seen demanding special celebrations, special treatment , beautiful gifts, beautifully expressed wishes & so on….we become happy when we get more than our expectations & get sad when we don’t get what we expect…But my question is, does it liberate us?? Doesn’t it instead make us slaves of other people’s actions & behavior?? 

Introspection on Birthday Meaningful Spiritual Birthday
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I think, for me, the real celebration of Birthday can come out of the question… why did I come on this planet? Have we come on this planet to seek or to give??… for momentary pleasures or for a never ending joy??.. to live like a beggar or like a king??….to get served by people around us or to serve the society??

Most of us mistakenly equate the means of survival as the very purpose of being born on this planet but we can get the answer only when we seriously introspect over this question (purpose of this birth) sincerely and  by again & again addressing this beautiful question, discarding all the answers which are just the means of living on this planet.

The real celebrations starts when we actually start getting the right answer(s) of this question & when we are celebrative inside then we have no option but to make everyone part of this celebrations..make them happy …love the divinity & every thing that belongs to the divinity…. Life becomes so amazing when this celebration starts from within. When you realize that you, yourself are the source of love then you don't seek love & attention, you are just seen spreading it to everyone & making this world a better place to live.